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Stefanie M. Miles

January 8th - Epiphany Sunday

“We saw his star at its rising and have come to do him homage” (Mt. 2:1-12).

Have you found what you seek? Why do we do the things we do? What is the goal? The Lord knows.

The Epiphany is the manifestation of what everyone’s life goal is…or should be…directly or indirectly. It is our journey to find God. We search for truth, beauty, and what is good. It takes on many forms and, at times, paths within a journey intertwined, still getting to our goal of finding God. As we traverse like the Magi to find God, we must use our senses, be intentional in our actions and maintain the openness to receive gifts of truth, beauty, and the goodness of God who brings us, Jesus. Our journey with and to God is the search for truth and beauty.

At the dawn of a new year, many of us will resolve to change the trajectory through our daily habits. Affixing the coordinates under the guidance of the studies of the Star, we can alter lifestyles to better align with our purpose. The needle of your life compass is more affixed to the good, truth, and beauty…God. What changes do we need to make in our lives for us to find the Lord? Should I look for new employment? Additional education? Maybe more structured prayer time? The Lord will reveal the signs for you.

Something I know for a fact is GOD IS GOOD…All the time! What makes our lives good? How is good even measured? The way and reasoning behind the rationale may differ in our desire to be in a relationship with God. God is good all the time, but is my life? My health? Is my life reflective of the sacramental bond, the relationship between my Creator and me? Short answer, no. I am a work in progress – He is still working on me. I feel the Holy Trinity steadily shakes their head and facepalm with most of what I do in life. The struggle is real. But as CeCe Winans sings, “All our life you have been faithful…you have been so, so good.”

This year, as I embark on my 40th year (shh, don’t tell my students), I have to get my life together. I need to seek more gainful or additional employment, return to my studies and rectify my health issues. God told me, through many messengers and signs, that I am not necessarily to do more but to do things differently. My compass is leading me to beautiful spaces where I am privy to truthful, spirit-led conversations and honored to bring my newfound information to my people. Knowing the accessibility to the spaces did not occur overnight or happenstance but by putting myself in the posture to receive this beauty and preparing myself in personal study and prayer. I am studying the location of the Star. I now must put similar effort into my health to truly honor God. “We saw his star at its rising and have come to do him homage” (Matthew 2: 2).

I cannot honor God fully with high blood pressure and inflammation. It is difficult to bow down with bad knees. Knowing this, I must be in spiritual and physical alignment- head, shoulders, knees, and toes- to become the person God created me to be, worthy and able to take the wise women's journey.

With this insight and the consistent conversation between me and my friend, Jesus, I’m becoming aware of the messengers, signs, and wonders divinely placed in my life. The evidence and mile markers let me know God is near in all His splendor, beauty, and truth. To take these gifts in helps us to grow and move in the direction that will bring us to the ultimate destination…to Him, in gratitude.

Author: Stefanie M. Miles is a lifelong (3rd Generation) member of the Josephite parish, Church of the Incarnation, in Washington, DC. She serves as a catechist to the post-Confirmation class, youth minister, lector, parish council member, and communications team. She is a Cursillista and Venerable Fr. Augustus Tolton Ambassador (DC). She is in continuous discernment of where the Lord places her.

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