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The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ: Holy Thursday

"Unless I wash you, you will have no inheritance with me…” (Jn 13:1-15)

Jesus shows us how to prepare for Good Friday…for His death, and for his Resurrection on Sunday. This is a great happening! Jesus continually tells His disciples that He will not be here forever but will die. In fact, He must suffer, die and rise again to fully pay the debt for our sins. 

But wait a minute! First, we must be washed and wash each other’s feet as Christ told us. In those days people wore sandals [and some, no sandals] as they walked the dusty and dirty roads of Nazareth, Galilee and other places in the eastern part of the known world. Feet were very dirty. Good hospitality is to be a servant and wash the feet of your guests. We have something to do. Could it be “forgiveness?”  Christ is our Savior and our Redeemer. Christ washes us from sin and enables us to “wash” others…to forgive others. 

Holy Thursday celebrates the Holy Eucharist: the body and blood of the Risen Jesus Christ. This is Christ’s must Precious Gift to us. We’ve had nearly 40 days of preparation. So, isn’t it wonderful to “get clean,” confess our sinfulness, accept Christ’s forgiveness, and receive the Risen Lord Jesus Christ with total praise and thanksgiving!!!? Are you and I “clean all over?”

[I can hardly wait to sing the Hallelujahs and Alleluias!!!]

Author: Jacqueline E. Wilson

Wilmington, DE

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