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A Reason to "Say their name."

Will not God then secure the rights of his chosen ones who call out to him day and night? Will he be slow to answer them? (Read Luke 18:1-8, The Parable of the Persistent Widow)

The phrase echoed lately during this Black Lives Matter movement, "Say her name, Breonna Taylor," needs our attention. These words are necessary because once again, the African American neighborhood suffered another heartbreaking loss, a potential parent, a "mother." Breonna Taylor dreamed of a good life, wanting to be a mother and work in the healthcare profession. Her family believed in Breonna's potential to accomplish her dream. Then suddenly, she experienced a dream deferred. A spray of bullets in her bedroom at night by police caused her dream to explode into a fatal nightmare. On March 13, 2020, police obtained the right to enter her home at night without knocking from someone whom Jesus would call an "Unjust Judge."

The "Unjust Judge," can be found in Luke's gospel, chapter 18:2-4. In this parable, a widow was looking for a just decision against her adversary. The rights of widows in biblical days were minimal. Widows were always dependent on men to care for them. They are second-class citizens. Nevertheless, this widow shows resilience in demanding justice from a corrupt system. Her persistence eventually wore down the "Unjust Judge."

Therefore, like this widow, as African Americans, we must be tenacious in seeking justice against our adversaries. Repeatedly saying, "Say her name, Breonna Taylor," is our mantra to tell the world about the frequent systemic acts of injustice towards African Americans overlooked. The widow's unwavering faith in believing that God hears the poor's cry propelled her to pray. Emulating this prayerful widow's actions is essential to remove all the "Unjust Judges," in this country. They are overpopulating the prison cells with legislations that leads to many impulsive unjust rulings. Their laws benefit the rich. Moreover, they consistently rule on the police's side, whose practices are daunting. At times, the police officers assassinate Black lives as opposed to seeing "Black Lives Matter" because their lives matter."

The time is now to remind the world of the necessity of change. We need a just ruling. This is why we "Say their name." We need our God to come with the government on his shoulders to secure the rights of His chosen ones who cry out to him day and night, "Say their Name!" Although the blessing may be delayed, we must still "Say their Name." Our God will render us justice, "Say their Name." However, the real challenge is whether or not the Son of Man will find faith on earth in us to "Say their Name," until he returns. "Say their name, George Floyd." "Say their name, Breonna Taylor." "Say their name, Trayvon Martin." "Say their name Tamir Rice." "Say their name, Michael Brown." "Say their name, Philando Castile." "Say their name, Freddie Gray." "Say their name, Sandra Bland." "Say their name, Rayshard Brooks." Furthermore, Say their name, the people who could fly. God is here, "Say their names."

Authored: Evangelist Michael P. Howard

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