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The unarmed

The Unarmed!

Why, Why, the World cries,

Unarmed, and what, “They still die!”

“Why?” many will say, “Here comes another lie.”

But our video shows he shouldn’t have died.

Why, Why, the World will sigh,

Armed, they shout, “They must die from the blind side!”

Why? Many will say, “It’s Ok, we will let them slide.”

Oh God, how I pray for truth - a truth that lies on the other side.

What will be next, the World cries?

Can we disarm the arm’s systemic racial alibis?

Can we arm the unarm with justice on their side?

Truth must kiss justice to be our guide for peace - peace for all, on this side.


Michael P. Howard, MA

Eat the Scroll Ministry

Copywrite 2020

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